What is Patton's Tiger?

I have been immersed in natural history since I was 18 and started work at the (then) Wildfowl Trust at Arundel. I met, worked and lived with some brilliant naturalists and a lifetime's obsession was born.
Birding was followed by mothing and the height of 'achievement' was obtained when a moth was given the above vernacular name in recognition of the fact that I trapped the first British record.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Badgeworth Buttercup

Finally, I get to the reason for my journey west. The smallest nature reserve in Britain (the world?) and one of the rarest plants in Britain. The Adder's-tongue Spearwort is only found at two sites in Britain - both in Gloucestershire.
Today was the Wildlife Trust's annual Open day and a small, but dedicated, crowd appreciated the abundance of this scarce plant.

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