What is Patton's Tiger?

I have been immersed in natural history since I was 18 and started work at the (then) Wildfowl Trust at Arundel. I met, worked and lived with some brilliant naturalists and a lifetime's obsession was born.
Birding was followed by mothing and the height of 'achievement' was obtained when a moth was given the above vernacular name in recognition of the fact that I trapped the first British record.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Beachy Head

The second day of the East Sussex trip and a beautiful day to be on Beachy Head.

This wall actually produced an interesting solitary wasp and a couple of tiny carabid beetles, none of which have been identified yet!!

The rockpools were amazingly quiet! I did find some chitons, and I am waiting for confirmation of identification.

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